1. An Open Letter to my Melanin Deficient Brethren and Sister-n…(aka Non-POCs)


    Good afternoon,

    How has your day been? That is super awesome. I’m happy for you. Real quick before you go. PLEASE…PLEASE stop trying to hijack conversations about police brutality with your “we are the world, this happens to white people too, we should be protesting police brutality as a whole” sob stories when black people/POCs are having a conversation on how it affect their communities. (This is so rampant on Facebook I don’t even know how to keep myself from screaming.)

    Do not bring up black on black crime (unless you are planning on discussing ALL intraracial crime statistics.) 

    Do not interject with stories of a black/POC officer killing a non-POC person. (Just, don’t do it.)

    Do not bring up looting/rioting if that’s your only additive to the conversation. (No.)

    Just stop. Listen. Be apart without trying to center the conversation on you and yours.  

    This one is not about you. Thanks! 



    P.S.: You #NewBlacks? This one is for you, too.

    P.S.S.: Also, please do not equate your struggle to me and mines. (i.e.: As a gay man I understand the black strugg...)

    NOPE. Going to stop you right there. 


    And although I shouldn’t have to say this, I am absolutely not talking about all of you, just you who find yourselves doing it. It is annoying. Okay! Have a wonderfully blessed daaaay! 


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