1. Zhang Yixing is a national treasure.

  2. Reasons why Yixing is perfect

    • because he is .
    • and

  3. i had a dream that starred kyungsoo and lay

    kyungsoo and lay took me to some kind of 24-hour chicken and waffle buffet place where everyone was calling him ‘big baby d.o.’ and as we were going through the line kyungsoo smacks my ass, not once, not twice, but like 5-6 times, all the while make that “kyungsoo face” and saying yeaaaaaaaaah

    we ate and then lay took me to the other side of the 24 house chicken-waffle buffet place and it was a hair salon and he was doing everybody’s hair for some show and he hands me a pair of scissors and let me fuck some girl’s hair UP and then he took me further back, put hand in mine and and k. michelle was performing and he said something about wig snatching. 

    then i woke up. 

  4. EXO-월의 기적

  5. I’m getting tired of yo shit, you don’t never buy me nothing.
    — Erykah Badu, Call Tyrone; a message to Joonmyun.
  6. kai praying before shinee was announced artist of the year

    I’mma cry again. That’s it. 

  7. I feel like everybody cried at the MelOn Music Awards and I am not okay. 

  8. i find it hilarious that SHINee and EXO get along famously, but some of their fans can not.

  9. Anonymous asked: would u rather have sex with kris or d.o
    the queen replied:


    I don’t want to make any ridiculous prejudice comment on how height automatically links to better sex because Jonghyun is 3 feet 2 and I think he would be a beast in bed, I mean all of the damn place like a meerkat. So to say Kris right off the gate because of that is stupid.


    Okay, I’m back. The pressure got to me. SHIT. I DON’T FUCKING KNOW.

    Let’s compare what we know, how we were shown one thing and now we know someting COMPLETELY different about them.

    Kris started off as the uber-sauve, multilingual casanova with enough cool juice to quench all our thirst. Then we found out he was a big giant gooberball. A undoubtedly sexy gooberball, but still a gooberball. I’m sure stroke game is ridic, as long as it’s the opposite of his overall dancing ability.

    Then we’ve got Kyungsoo, who erroneously earned the attribute “squishy” when I think he’s a domineering, aggressively sexual asshat who will bend you over a chair in a heartbeat, make you say his name then SPELL it…backwards to the rhythm of his thrust until you can’t see straig–


    I think I just made my decision. 

  10. I will never get over how smooth and how good and how awesome this song is. 

  11. Anonymous asked: Lay at ShimShimTaPa was not at all beneficial to my health. Imma get diabetes or something he'S MADE OF SUNSHINE LOLLIPOPS RAINBOWS AND LOVE. Is Lay biased the life I should be about? Will this be the moment I select a favorite EXO child??
    the queen replied:

    What a wonderful complex question! 

    But the answer is EASY

    It is time….time to join us in the land of Unicorns. We are magical, he is our leader. 

    Now the questions is…


    Does Jay-Z agree? 



  12. Lay is SLANGING.

    That’s all I wanted to say. 

  13. I’m in the kitchen two-stepping like HELL to Exo’s Growl. MAN. BRUH. LOOK. That shit so smooth.